Garden Renovations

Over time planned landscapes follow nature.  Plants grow or wither, weeds flourish where they like to, and before you know it your landscape no longer looks the way you intended it to look.   Quite often new landscapes are over planted, and as the plants mature they out grow their allotted space.  Sometimes a little pruning and separating will restore the look you desire, and other times removing shrubs or starting all over again may be the cure.  Give us a call and we will help you find solutions to restore or create the look you have in mind.

 Lawn Renovations

Growing the picture perfect lawn is not easy.  Over time your lawn faces many challenges, drought, floods, insects, pets, compaction, and fertilizer mistakes to name a few.   Aeration, over-seeding, topdressing with organic compost are a few of the methods we may use to give your lawn new life.   

With the Naturally Beautiful Lawn we start with soil evaluation.  We will also consider site factors such as amount of light or shade, salt from road run off, and even wind on the site.  Choosing the correct actions and products will ensure we renovate your lawn once and you will enjoy it for years.

 Curb Appeal

Putting your property on the market?  Any realtor will tell you that first impressions sell.  A small investment in refreshing your landscape may net you thousands of dollars more on the sale.  Consider having us professionally maintain your property while it is on the market whether it is still occupied or empty.  Buyers will be impressed with how well the property is cared for.  You will have one less thing to worry about during a hectic time in your life.  


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