Hydro Seeding - The Fastest Way to a high quality lawn.

The popularity of hydro seeding is skyrocketing. Spray it on, and before you know it a beautiful lush lawn is growing. Hydro seeding works so well because:

• The seed is suspended in water or even a nutrient rich slurry.
• The contact of the seed with the water in the machine triggers the germination cycle.
• The mulch layer seals in the moisture.
• The mulch layer holds top soil and seed in place.
• The seed is at an ideal depth to produce a lush green lawn in very short time.
• The use of weed filled straw is eliminated.
• The seed and mulch will not blow off.
• Hydro seeding mulch does not contain weed seed as straw does.
• Hydro seeding mulch won’t cause a loss of nitrogen as it decomposes as straw does.
• There is no dust produced during application.

It is easy to understand why hydro seeding is the method of choice of consumers and professionals alike.

Any seed used in lawn or roadside applications can be used in our Hydro Seeding System. Any grass that can be grown from seed can be planted as well as wildflower meadow mixes. Seed can be pre-germinated for even faster growth by soaking the seed overnight. We will tailor our seed mix to the conditions of your property. Many modern seed hybrids, though more expensive on the front end will save you money in the long run with their unique characteristics such as resistances to insect damage, drought tolerance, and even slow/low growing characteristics.

For the ultimate boost we will use Compost Team as the base for the seed mulch slurry. Not only will the tea provide nutrients it will boost the organic matter and microbiology of the soil. New constructions often utilize soils low in organic matter and living beneficial organisms. Any type of fertilizer can be used. Liquid, water soluble or granular fertilizers may all be used with our system. Granular fertilizer is the most commonly used. The slurry does not dissolve the granules. It will suspend them and blend the granules evenly in the mix. If the soil ph needs to be changed a liquid lime product is the best choice.

Tackifiers are used to help hold the material in place on hillsides especially during rainy weather. The system can also be used to apply tackifier or a tackifier mulch mix over straw to hold it in place like an erosion control blanket.



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