What is Compost Tea?

Compost tea is a liquid produced by leaching soluble nutrients and extracting beneficial organisms from compost. The brewing process is performed at constant temperature, injecting air into the solution with a high quality brewer. Adding air dramatically improves the brewed compost tea and greatly increases its benefits to soils and plants. The results are remarkable.

Pleasant Pond Landscaping is proud to have a state-of-the-art compost tea maker. The compost tea is pumped continually through injectors, which adds valuable air to the mixture. Starting with only a few microbes, the brewer will allow the tea to grow billions upon billions of beneficial aerobic microbes within hours. When these microbes are applied to soils and plants, their benefits are many.

Compost Tea may be applied to virtually any plant or turf in your landscape.  As part of an ongoing organic program we will custom brew teas for a specific benefit and apply the tea by spraying onto plants, soil or turf.

Benefits of using of compost tea

 Improve soils:

  • Introduce and establish healthy living organisms to the soil.  Synthetic fertilizers, road salts, and the process of installing new topsoil to a landscape, strip most of the living organisms that must be present in a healthy system.

  • Compost tea microbes help break down compacted soils, allowing more air and root spaces for plants.

  • Increasing nutrient availability in the root system in exactly the right place, time and amounts that the plant needs, Nutrients must pass through microbes before they are available for plant use. The compost tea beneficial microbes take organic matter, digest it through their bodies and make the nutrients available for plant use.

 Improve plant health:

  • Improved plant growth by protecting plant surfaces with beneficial organisms which occupy infection sites and prevent disease-causing organisms from finding the plant.

  • Improved uptake of nutrients by increasing foliar uptake (through the leaves) while at the same time reducing evaporative water loss from the leaf surface.

  • Combat damaging turf grass pests such as white grubs.  Beneficial organisms in healthy soil help keep theses pests in check.  Synthetic fertilizers kill the beneficial predators leaving the door wide open for severe insect damage.

 Reduce Synthetic Fertilizer use:

  • Reduce the negative impacts of chemical-based pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers on beneficial microorganisms in the ecosystem.

  • Reduce fertilizer use, and loss of nutrients into ground and surface waters protecting or valuable resources.

  • Saving energy.  The production of synthetic fertilizers is a very energy intensive process. Transportation from large processing plants to our area increases the fuels needed to get the product to your landscape.   Compost and compost tea are produced locally, with very low energy input methods.



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